​Calling all Cajun Vaper's!! 

Apr 8th 2020

We need to stop this from happening! The link to respiratory problems and vaping needs to stop! As many of our customers have shared what vaping has done for their lives and bettering their health, especially respiratory wise. Ask yourself, if it's a respiratory pandemic, then where is the urgency to ban smoking and tobacco products? Why is big tobacco being saved? While vaping is facing more and more fights. It seems the government would rather back companies who are selling products with known deaths linked too nearly half a million a year, while in the 15 years vaping has been available it has had complications in nearly 4% of 1 year of tobacco related deaths. Think about that, in 15 years there were only 4% of Big tobaccos death in 1 year! So how does vaping lead to respiratory problems anymore than tobacco? We've got to protect our right to choose a healthier alternative! Join CASAA! Support our fellow consumers for smoke free alternatives! 

New York banned all flavored vapor products.

In the middle of a respiratory pandemic - lifesaving technology has been restricted.

Sen. Katrina Jackson of Louisiana has introduced SB301 which would ban all flavored vapor except tobacco, mint, and menthol.

So if you’re in Louisiana and support vaping

please contact your state senator and voice your opposition!

If you’d like to voice your opinion to Sen. Jackson herself:

(318) 343-2877 - [email protected]